Issue 1

God Glows, Tania Hershman
Tania is a poet, writer, teacher, and editor based in the North of England. | @taniahershman

The Covid-19 Pandemic, Marianne Bradley
Marianne is a junior doctor for NHS England.

Miranda Blue, Romana Guillotte
Romana is a writer based in the USA.

Lossy Compression, Thomas Willemain
Thomas is Professor Emeritus of Industrial Systems Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Physics is a Humanism, Jonathan Beesley
Jonathan is a PhD student in theoretical physics at Imperial College London.

Nucleus, Laurence Klavan
Laurence is a playwright and author. He has written musicals, plays, novels, short stories, and graphic novels.

In Conversation with Pippa Goldschmidt
Pippa is a writer based in Edinburgh and Frankfurt. Her new anthology, Uncanny Bodies, a collection of fiction, poetry and academic writing inspired by the uncanny is out now. | @goldipipschmidt


When we had our first meeting with our designer, Cerys, she asked us to describe the magazine in one line. After much discussion, we settled on ‘finding the art in science’. Few would disagree that science is of vital importance in almost every aspect of our lives, but realistic literary depictions of science and scientists is rare. We hope TAMARIND will go some way towards redressing that.

We are delighted to publish a range of writing in our first issue, encompassing our tagline. We have stories that deal with the joys and frustrations of being a scientist and stories that examine the far-reaching and complex impacts of science on our personal lives. We also have an essay arguing that science is, at its core, a humanism, and a moving account of the Covid-19 pandemic from the perspective of a young NHS doctor. Finally, we have an interview with Pippa Goldschmidt: novelist, writer-in-residence, and former astrophysicist.

We are extremely proud of our first issue, and we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together. If manything sparks a thought, don’t hesitate to get in touch — we may include a ‘letters’ section in future issues.

Gautam Kambhampati