We’re a semi-annual literary magazine published in both print and as a digital download carrying fiction and non-fiction relating to science, scientists, and the interaction between science and society.


Hilary Lamb, our non-fiction editor, is a staff writer for the IET’s E&T magazine and a freelance non-fiction author. In 2019 she was named the B2B Columnist of the Year by the British Society of Magazine Editors for her creative non-fiction column.

Anita Chandran, our fiction editor, is a writer based in Hamburg, Germany. She has a PhD in ultrafast fibre lasers and has worked in historical fiction, science pedagogy and AI ethics. She has been awarded Imperial College’s Sir Arthur Acland Prize for excellence in the humanities and was named overall winner of the Royal College of Science’s 2019 writing challenge for her short story (Nothing but) Art.

Gautam Kambhampati, our publisher, is a trainee patent lawyer based in London. He has a PhD in quantum optics and molecular physics, and has previously worked as a data scientist. He has sat on committees advising a range of organisations from medical bodies to think tanks, and is a keen sailor in his spare time.

Former Contributors

We’re very pleased to have been able to feature illustrations and photography by Angel Li, Joanna Clay Design, Ryan de Carte, Benji Spence, Sophie Vickers, and Ling-Hsuan Wang. Issue 5 was designed and laid out by the wonderful Sabrina Kressierer.

Cerys Llinos, our founding art director and designer of the first four issues, is an ephemera enthusiast and secretive writer of articles, stories, and creative non-fiction. She is working as a researcher on a project studying reader behaviour, is making books on the future of the publishing industry, and has done print design work for local government and indie publications.